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Promoting Your Event

Online Marketing

There are several websites and apps where you can list your event:


Many stations offer both paid and free advertising options. There are a number of local Rotorua radio stations. If your event has a specific target audience, do your research to find out which radio station will suit your event best.


It is possible to get your event in Rotorua newspapers if you pitch it as a news story and focus on the human touch. It is best to write your own press release (less than one page) and include quotes from yourself or someone within the organisation. Remember to always include your contact details and some photographs if possible.

Rotorua Daily Post is Rotorua's daily newspaper. Their contact details are below:
Email: news@dailypost.co.nz
Phone: (07) 348 6199
Website: Rotorua Daily Post

More Marketing Ideas

Social Media
Create a Facebook page and a Facebook event. Use clear and concise text and great images when posting information about your event. Message RotoruaNui on Facebook to have your event added to their events list.

Email Signature / Letterhead
When you send out any email, you can be advertising your event by putting a sentence or two explaining when and where your event is, at the bottom of your email. Link to your social media accounts and/or event website.

If sending paper letters, create an event letterhead with your logo for brand recognition.

Printed Material
Create a poster, flyer or brochure about your event and display at community places such as the Rotorua Library, local markets, cafes, schools, gyms etc. (Remember to ask permission first!)

They can also be useful to hand out to people after speaking to groups, potential sponsors, at markets or at other events.

Flyers can be produced and distributed relatively cheaply and easily. They may be photocopies or printed, depending on your budget.

Event Programme
If you have an event programme that can be printed or published online in advance and widely distributed, it will give people a definite idea of what is happening and when. It will allow people to plan and take in aspects of the event that appeal to them. Try to get this printed in local newspapers.

Electronic Newsletters
Invite visitors to your website and social media channels to sign up to your newsletter database using their email address. You may like to produce a regular event newsletter to be sent to everyone on the mailing list with event information prior to the event. It is also useful to send a follow up survey, post event.

Pre-Event Activities
Activities that take place prior to your event can be used for publicity, fundraising and to gain enthusiasm and excitement for the event. These activities could take the form of raffles, discos, a fun run, street theatre, workshops or a mini performance.

Speak to church groups, school groups, neighbourhood networks and the local business associations about your event. Suggest ways in which people can be involved.

Inviting media and VIPs can result in your event having further profile with these people; you may then get further free media coverage in the form of photos or editorial. Finally and most importantly, invite your sponsors. Without these people, your event would have cost more money.