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Council Event Regulations

If your event is taking place in a public space, a council owned park or reserve, or a road or highway you must complete an Event Interest Form and application process.

Rotorua Lakes Council would like to help make your event a success. In order for your event to be safe and meet the requirements as set out by Rotorua Lakes Council, the following guidelines have been developed.

Rotorua Forest

To request use of the forest for events you need to contact Redwoods Visitor Centre Manager Julianne Wilkinson on 07 3500110 or by email.

You will be ask to complete an event application form which will request plans for fire safety, health and safety, vehicle parking, road safety and clean up and waste. Event forest fees will apply to all events which consider the amount of people, time in the forest and the type of organisation.

For more information about the forest go to www.redwoods.co.nz

Rotorua Lakes

If you want to hold an event at any of the lakes in Rotorua, you will need to contact the Lakes Maritime Team at the Bay of Plenty Regional Council. If you require a lake closure you will also need to fill out an Aquatic Event Application form which you find via the following link: www.rotorualakes.co.nz/lake-events-and-closures.

At the same link, you will find base maps for all Rotorua lakes and a list of lake bookings both provisional and confirmed. For more information contact the Lakes Maritime Team at the Bay of Plenty Regional Council. Phone 0800 884 880 or email by clicking here.

If you need to use a reserve at the lakes, you will need to contact Christine Hutchison

If your event needs traffic management you should contact the Road Corridor team:
Phone April on 07 351 8252
Phone Brendon on 07 351 8234

Rotorua CBD

If you plan to hold an event in the CBD and it is likely to affect retailers either through busking, cake stalls, noise or any other means please contact City Focus manager Richard Horn on 07 351 8637 or by email.

Traffic and Roading

Please complete this form: Application for Events on Public Roads and Streets for any event requiring use of either local roads or state highway.

Please note: If an event requires a road closure, the application must be made 60 working days prior to the event - all other events, not requiring road closure, need to apply at least 42 working days out from the event date.

Once completed the forms need to be sent to Rotorua Lakes Council Corridor Access Coordinator by email or post:
Rotorua Lakes Council
Post Private Bag 3029
Rotorua 3046
Attn: Road Corridor Coordinator email

Along with the application form for road usage or closure, you will need to supply a Traffic Management Plan prepared by a suitably qualified person. Plans that require use of State Highway will need to be approved by:
Higgins Contractors Limited
PO Box 10167
Rotorua 3046
Phone 07 349 3800
Email bope@higgins.co.nz

Plans that require use of Local Roads will need to be approved by Rotorua Lakes Council or their agent. Please send completed plans to:

Temporary Building Permits

If you are planning to erect a marquee, stage or structure, you may need to gain consent from council. For more information on marquee requirements go to the links below.

Marquee Requirements, Processing & Vetting Checklist

Any stage or platform erected above one metre and a half in height will require building consent.

For more information on temporary building permits, contact Rotorua Lakes Council building department on 07 348 4199 or by email

Sale of Food, Market Stall or Mobile Shop

For enquiries about sale of food, market stalls and mobile shops contact Regulatory Services on 07 348 4199 or by email

Sale of Liquor

For enquiries about sale of liquor contact Regulatory Services on 07 348 4199 or by email


Rotorua’s District Plan permits the use of signage on private land up to 3 metres square one month out from the event. For information on what signage can be displayed prior to and during an event, please contact our Events Manager Jason Cameron on 07 351 8694 or by email


For information on noise level limits in Rotorua please contact Regulatory Services on 07 348 4199 or by email

Resource Consent

Resource consent may be required depending on the land zoning and/or the nature /effect of the event or activity (e.g. If entry fees are to be required from spectators for an outdoor event in a rural zone, it is likely that controlled activity resource consent will be required). If you believe you may require resource consent, you will need to contact Council 4 to 6 months out from the event.

For more information on Resource Consent, please contact Planning Services on 07 348 4199 or by email


For enquiries about incorporating animals into your event, please contact Animal Control on 07 348 4199 or by email


Rotorua Lakes Council would like all visiting event participants to have a great experience during their time in Rotorua. To help make that happen, the following flyer was created to provide important information to anyone coming into the city for the first time. We encourage all organisers to provide this information either via this link or by requesting hard copies from the council. For more information contact the events' manager.

Keep Safe Flyer