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Conferences, Tradeshows,
Gala Dinners

Warren Harvey
Key Accounts Manager
Ph: 07 351 8675
E: Warren Harvey

Sir Howard Morrison Performing Arts Centre
Small Meetings, Shows, Events

Vanessa Price
Operations Manager
Ph: 07 351 8660
E: Vanessa Price

Energy Events Centre
Small Meetings, Shows, Events

Joelene Elliott
Operations Manager
Ph: 07 351 7150
E: Joelene Elliott

Rotorua International Stadium
Sporting Events

Crispian Stewart
Operations Manager
Ph: 07 351 8653
E: Crispian Stewart

Theatre Shows, Ticketed Events

Ticketmaster Box Office
Ph: 07 350 2244 or 0800 111 999
E: Ticketing

Audio Visual/Technical Enquiries

Ray Philpot
Technical & Safety Manager
Ph: 07 351 8681
E: Ray Philpot

Major Events

Martin Croft
Major Events Manager
Ph: 07 351 8654
E: Martin Croft

Te Runanga Tea House, Parks & Reserves

Community Engagement and Events Advisor
Sports & Recreation Department
Ph: 07 348 4199
E: Community Events

Account Enquiries

Aroha Clements
Business Support Officer
Ph: 07 351 8671
E: Aroha Clements